2020 is a Delaware General Election year with many local positions on the ballet

The Fairfax Civic Association and it's officers goal with this page is to inform our community of who is on the ballet, not to take sides or offer recommendation.

Please inform yourself of who is running and whom you feel best represents you and your family when going to your local polling place.


Please check back often as this information may change.

Important Dates
Democratic Primary Tuesday April 28,2020

General Election Tuesday November 3, 2020


If any candidates have updated websites, please email szoccolillo@gmail.com and I will update this page

If any Cad

There are a few districts represented in Fairfax, please make sure you are aware of who your local representatives are.

If you are not sure, please visit this site to find our more information
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Click Each Candidate's Name to be redirected to their website

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