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The Fairfax Civic Associatoin elects their officers on a biennial term.  Elections are always held on even years in the month of May.  For more information on joining the Officers of the Association, or to reach us, email 

Jimmy Albanese

Board Member Since 2010
Previously 2006-2008, 1994-1999

Jimmy Albanese, born and raised in Wilmington, is proud to be a second generation Albanese at his house on Waverly Road. Jimmy was a past President of FCA from 2006-2008 and past President of the White Sails Condo Association 2004-2006 in North Wildwood, NJ. Jimmy has owned and operated "Albanese Inside –n- Out Services" since 1999. He is also an active Elk Member for 21 years. He and his wife Sheila enjoy spending time with their families, 11 nieces and nephews, great niece and nephew, friends and neighbors

Laura Cooke
Board Member Since 2016

Born and raised in Maryland, Laura moved to Delaware in 2000. Laura and husband, Brian, moved to Fairfax in 2012. Laura is employed as an Executive Administrative Assistant. Laura has a passion for helping both people and animals. Laura is a foster mom for local animal shelters. 

Logan Sturgill
Board Member Since 2010

Logan, who grew up in Virginia and graduated from Virginia Tech, has lived in Fairfax since 1997 with his wife, a Delaware native, and two daughters. He works as a market manager for Ashland (the former Hercules). 



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