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Door to Door Solicitation


One of our biggest complaints in the neighborhood is about the Door -to- Door solicitors.  Here is what we can and cannot do to limit the solicitation as well as your and their legal rights.


"NO SOLICITING" Signs on the Fairfax entrances:  These have NO legal bearing.  They are just a request from the neighborhood to any businesses.  We recommend that you put a "NO SOLICITING" sign on your door as well, as most (but not all) sales people will not knock if they think it is wasting their time.

Every business and sales person going door to door in the state of Delaware MUST be registered with the state and MUST wear their state issued permit at all times.  Company ID's do not count as identification for this purpose.    The permits look like this 







                                                                                                                                       Here is more information on the Permit












Church groups and non-profit organizations are EXEMPT from this permit.  Otherwise, all door to door business sales people must display this permit at all times.

Each business must be registered with the state as well as each sales rep.  You can check their credentials to make sure that they are regsitered and not scammers on the state's website here :


The sales people have the right to knock on your door, this is protected by the US Consitiution, however, once you ask them to leave, they must leave.  Remember that they are just people doing their job and as long as they are being respectful, should be treated with respect as well.  


If you find that any of the sales people are without permit, or are not leaving when asked, call the Police NON-Emergency line at 302-573-2800.  




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